Does Perfume or Cologne Cause a Violation?

Perfume and cologne cause violations on Ignition Interlock devices because most of these products contain a high percentage of alcohol.  This is generally the case only when applied in the vehicle.  If applied in the vehicle the concentration is high and can be the cause of a violation.  If applied in the house or outside this should not be an issue.  A clean or passed test can be achieved by airing out the vehicle and rinsing your mouth with water.  This clears the air and dissipates the alcohol.  If you have a violation that you believe was caused by this clear the car by airing it out and rinse your mouth and you should be able to blow a clean sample and start your car.  

Smart Start of Kansas offers only fuel cell alcohol specific devices.  Therefore only products that contain alcohol will cause a reading.  There are no false positive tests when you are using a fuel cell alcohol specific device.  You want to be cautious of any products that contain alcohol.  If you use mouthwash or toothpaste with alcohol you will want to do so plent of time before testing.  Once you are done, rinse your mouth several times.  The tingling that you feel in your mouth is the alcohol, rinse until that feeling is gone and give a little extra time to be sure.  This type of alcohol is considered mouth alcohol and not ingested alcohol, unless of course you swallow your mouthwash.  

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